You don’t get fit by being lucky. Being fit is something you earn. If you want to be fit, you need to earn it.

This isn't just for me, it's for you. For inspiration, motivation, drive. For new goals. For challenging your body. For a change in your usual routine. And for knowing that you’re not in it alone.

Get out there, and earn the privilege of being fit. “Just do it”? More like “doing it.”

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Summer Crossfitter. Photo By Hannah 


George Hood, broke the record for longest plank ever… at 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 5.01 seconds! The prior record was about 50 minutes! He was dripping sweat from every part of his body. That is seriously amazing! Reblog if you think that this man is a machine!

I have trouble just holding a plank for one minute lol

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i’d be fine with genetics though it’d be a start